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Walking along the banks of the River Trent, you cannot ignore its power.  It shapes the landscape and the people that live around it - drawing them in, feeding their bodies and their souls, challenging their very existence. 


Two friends have been pursuing parallel paths along these willow laden shores, occasionally bumping into one another, sometimes even arranging to meet to share their ideas, worries, successes and failures - challenging one another to go further, dig deeper and believe that it is possible, through the medium of photography, to stimulate, excite, stir up an audience, to take people on a journey and lead them to places they didn't expect and, after that engagement, to see the world in a different way. 


In this exhibition Tom Wilkinson and Mike Colechin bring together series of work which characterise this desire to inspire new thinking.  They revisit ancient themes but do so in a way that seeks different perspectives, kindles new ideas - a spring from which flows an unstoppable river of change - a quickening.

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