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I am not the most exhibited artist ever but I have been involved with a few things of which I am proud...

August 2013 - Contemporary Photography Now

Surface Gallery, Nottingham

October 2016 - Inside the Outside

Photo Parlour, Nottingham

Easter 2017 - Alone

Saint Columba's Church, Cambridge 

& Whiting Street URC, Bury St Edmunds

(this series was also featured by ITO in their on-line publication)

April-June 2017 - Inside the Ouside

MMX, London

7-21 July 2017- Quicken

with Tom Wilkinson

at the Photo Parlour, Nottingham

October-November 2018 - Off-Centre Festival


6-17 December 2021 - Past Reflections

at the Photo Parlour, Nottingham

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